Section No. 1   Sustainability of the new European energy policy

❙   EU energy objectives and support of industry competitiveness

 The EU summit in October will decide on the objectives in the field of energy until 2030. What is the Czech Republic's position? Who can the Czech Republic rely on in support of their position? What has to be done in order to stop outflow of industry from Europe? What measures can be taken by the Czech government without being sanctioned? Is the need for industry competitiveness support reflected in all EU policies?


❙  Deformation of the market, energy policy tools and new stabilisation mechanisms

Support of sources of renewable energy deformed operations in the electricity market.  What is the future of the internal energy market within EU? What needs to be changed in the set-up of current tools that should ensure fulfilment of the EU's energy objectives? Is the Czech energy industry able to survive without adaptation to the German Energiewende? What measures should be taken by the Czech government in order to support investments in the energy industry?



Section No. 2   Czech energy policy and regulation

❙  Unanswered questions for investors in the Czech market

The Czech Republic is reviewing its approach to nuclear power. A negative attitude towards extension of brown coal mining persists. What should be the future form of domestic energy mix? What is the situation in terms of adoption of energy-critical legislation? Despite the fact that the Czech Republic currently is an exporter, is there a threat of having to import energy in the future. The EU calls for reduction of energy dependence, how does it correspond with development in the Czech market?  Could closer cooperation with the Visegrad countries bring a solution?


❙  Competitiveness of energy prices and regulation

  New regulation periods are being prepared for natural gas. What parameters will have to be fulfilled by the regulated entities? Will there be set-up conditions in the Czech Republic that will motivate investors into further development of domestic networks?  Will we witness a winning combination of compromise in terms of price, balance and stability?  What really bothers energy consumers?



Section No. 3   Energy safety and milestones in the realisation of energy projects

❙  Key energy projects for the safety of CZ energy supplies

The EU calls for reduction of high level of European energy dependence on the supplies of gas. The European Council calls for advocacy of domestic sources and economic competition in  energy supply  markets.  What activities are supported by the EC and what are the possibilities for the Czech Republic in this respect? What opportunities are seen by the investors? Should the Czech Republic be afraid of its dependence on natural gas? What should be the key activities for an increase in the safety of CZ energy supplies?


❙  Solutions for the critical points of energy constructions and networks realisation process

The idea of law on line transportation constructions has been revived again. In general, actors in the energy field welcome the idea and want to join it. What currently causes the greatest problems within the process of energy constructions realisation? In what way do so called "appropriation" processes work in various EU countries? What has to change in order to get all necessary documentation and permissions within a single administrative procedure?  Is it realistic that all partial permissions according to special laws could be replaced with a single one?