Previous years

OstravaA key element for settling a tradition of the IEC was its first year held in September 2010 in Ostrava. The participants attended four lectures given by politicians and business representatives. There followed a discussion divided in six topic fields.

At the end of the 1st year that focused on the topic of energy for future the participants evaluated the pilot meeting so positively that the organisers decided to continue. Very positively was acclaimed the space for confrontation of opinions and thematic discussion resulting in many interesting outputs.

The 2nd year with the central theme of gas – a source of energy continued with the 1st conference idea and the presence of representatives of 50 companies and institutions of 11 countries confirmed this platform idea as a very fruitful one.

The 5th year developed the topic of the 4th meeting - Energy concepts and the current reality. This tradition was further maintained. This year´s session held in September 11 in Ostrava. The topic was Reforms of reforms in European energy.