The International Energy Club was created in 2010 to spread the activities of the Gas Entrepreneurs Club in the CR. The aim was to create a non-conventional platform for discussion of questions and themes topical to the field of the energetic industry not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

This vision was successfully achieved in the first two years of the International Energy Club that took place in 2010 and 2011 in Ostrava. The participants were able to discuss in a smaller range many problematic questions regarding energetics. The wide spread discussion, clearly formulated presentations and offer of further personal contact during non-formal parts of the programme differentiate the International Energy Club from other conferences.  

Before the third year, that took place in 2012 again in Ostrava, the organisation was overtaken by the DDeM, s. r. o. agency. This shift had been previously discussed with Ms Alena Vitásková and Mr Evžen Tošenovský who were heavily supporting the previous two successful rounds of the club and who offered auspices over the event.


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