Conference programme

The 11th conference comes under the title of Kirchhoff’s perpetuum mobile of the European energy


The conference will be focusing on issues concerning the future of European and Czech energy. Given the transition to zero-emission energy sources, the topics of discussion will be the challenges of the energy transition, preparation of legislation and support measures, as well as innovations and the necessary investment across the entire sector.


Programme theses:


The introduction will aim to outline open issues from the perspective of national energy within the European context. There will be discussion within the context of the document entitled the European Green Deal on the present and future necessary capacities (generation, transmission, distribution) both in the EU and in the Czech Republic, on the implementation of the so-called Winter Package and on new business opportunities that are opening up in energy.


The second session will bring more information about the form of the entirely new Energy Act which should update the conditions for business and exercise of state administration in the energy sectors. At about the time of the IEC, the concept of the bill should be completed and the IEC will offer the opportunity to discuss its key provisions before the preparation of the articulated version of the bill begins. Finally, the Coal Commission will also be engaged in the gradual transformation of national energy and we will see whether there will already be an opportunity in the second half of 2020 to assess some of its outputs.


Similarly, the question of updating the State Energy Policy following the adoption of the National Energy and Climate Plan remains open. In this context, the third programme session offers the opportunity to discuss the implementation of the National Action Plan for Smart Grids, the National Action Plan for Clean Mobility or the state of preparation of the new tariff structure. The closing part of the conference will be devoted to discussions about new solutions, innovations and investments which need to be considered with a view to the ambitious climate targets of the EU.